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InkDollMafia is an online community for tattooed models, photographers and artists with the goal of providing such talent a platform for promoting content, seeking professional opportunities and offering collaborations. Fans and professionals alike can review online portfolios and social media feeds and connect.

Our platform connects content creators and social media personalities to amateur and pro talent. Managing your InkDollMafia profile like any other social media platform keeps your audience engaged while seeking opportunities to promote and grow your career or hobby.

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Why Join the Mafia?

Modeling Opportunities:

InkDollMafia has a team dedicated to finding talents and providing members with as many connections and opportunities as possible. We also have opened the platform for anybody to post content by using our free submission form. The result of this combination is a huge database for professional opportunities. Photo shoot collaborations, casting calls or sponsored gigs. Our talent receives periodic notifications each time an interested party in the area is published. Our notifications keep talent up to date on nearby professional connections.

Promotional Platform:

We run periodic contests of our most talented models and artists across our community and social networks. Special recognition is awarded to amazing photos and are featured on our homepage. The featured images can drive a significant amount of eyeballs to a model’s profile, including those who are not familiar with your name or brand. The “Capone of the Month” is a special recognition is given to outstanding models who achieve excellence in their crafts but constantly posting high quality content. Last of all, we offer a Featured Model interview for select members with a Platinum or Platinum Plus membership, which is shown on our home page on our digital version of the magazine.


Some of the top professionals in the medium including artists,  photographers, makeup artists, talent agencies, and commercial brands who are part of the InkDollMafia online community. These viewers offer a huge variety of feedback to learn from. The most successful talent on IDM are those who actively network, listen and interact with both, fans and members alike.

Filtered Interaction and Safety:

Talent safety is at the core of what InkDollMafia represents. To help protect talent, each member (Model, Photographer or Artist) is screened for approval before her/his profile becomes active on the website.

Monitoring is performed daily by a group of admins in order to minimize members exposure to unfortunate scam attempts. Despite our protocols to keep our member profiles real and validated,  we recommend our talent to become aware and practice modeling scam safety.

Pocket Resources:

Our blog serves as an educational tool that offers all the information necessary for talent to learn how to push their brands forward and be successful. Like in any craft or career, knowledge fosters experience and experience along with a tint of confidence is an intricate part of being successful. Becoming a professional in your industry also allows you to work more effectively towards your goals. In our pages blog, you will find a variety of topics and interviews from other IDM members regarding modeling, tattoo artistry, photography and more.