Tattoos And The Modeling Business by InkDollMafia

Do you own a tattoo? If so, should it pose any problems in your modeling career? Tattoos are commonly seen in models or photographers – They’re often used to express personal style, interests, and passions and some people even use them as an artistic outlet or make them the authentic pieces of self proclamation.

The question may still remain: Is there an stigma for tattoos in observable professional world?

Tattoos and the modeling business

Non-Standard Modeling

In our time, when everyone wants to stand out, no matter the medium or token (money, clothes, wife, car, legs, etc.), it isn’t easy to surprise the audiences. Especially in the fashion world. Suppose designers are still somehow able to make an impression. In that case, it is much more difficult for models to become memorable, recognizable, and, as a result, highly paid. The fourth breast size, kilometer-long legs, and lips a la “I just came from an apiary” do not attract much attention as before. Every second person has such a tuning build. The classic idea of beauty with ideal proportions is also in demand but, alongside and at the peak of popularity runs non-standard beauty. It is this keyword that helps the model to do better than her “regular” counterparts.

The concept of beauty is obviously subjective, and in different eras, society chose other women as the standard: We emphasized sexuality in the 90s, the sporty style in the 2000s, naturalness in 2010 … Requests for an unusual, strange, sometimes repulsive at first glance, appearance are becoming more frequent, and a unique personality model, character and lifestyle are just as important as how she looks.

In the modeling business, the phrases “standard parameters” and “classic beauty” are less and less often used to denote the criteria for upcoming projects. However, the demand for identity, at least abroad, has not decreased since the 2000s. We are talking not only about a non-trivial appearance but also about deviations, which, for sure, were unacceptable twenty years ago. Today, models turn flaw into a virtue – their trademark in the industry.

Speaking of non-standard modeling, it is worth paying attention to the tattoo culture that took over the globe several centuries ago. It could not help but leave a mark in the modeling business. Although the view towards tattoos has changed over the past years, many modeling agencies, do not pay as much atention to this as before. It is worth at least looking at the current season’s shows to understand how indifferent the thought of drawings on the body is. The lack of criticism, suggests that today the depersonalization of the model is coming to naught – individuality is as valuable as external data.

Can models manipulate their body and succeed?

We can’t ignore the fact that novice models are prohibited from manipulating themselves because otherwise, they may lose more than half of their work. On the one hand, requests like this are rooted in the managers’ prejudices or principled customers who will react even to the most inconspicuous tattoo with hysteria.

On the other hand, some clients are somewhat categorical when promoting beauty products or accessories. We tend to agree, this can divert attention from certain non-profitable products, s non-starter for companies hanging from a thread. In some cases, the tattoo will have the opposite effect and advantageously emphasize the theme set by the craftsmen.

Yes, if you are Cara Delevingne or Chanel Iman, then your tattoos will not scare anyone away. Models who have created a big name for themselves will not lose contracts even with voluminous drawings on the body. We are sure that such a step, on the contrary, will create a resonance in society, and there will only be more beneficial offers. So, for example, the Brazilian supermodel, the Victoria’s Secret angel, Isabel Fontana, after a large tattoo in the area between the shoulder blades, the wings were not cut off, she continues to cat walk with the same frequency.

Building a successful career as an inked model

It is not yet possible to concretize society’s position about tattoos and the modeling industry. Several sides, hundreds of opinions, and more tattoos is all we get. For now.

The goal instead would be to try to outline the situation like this:

A taboo on tattoos has been imposed more often on beginner models thanks to the hardening of frequent clients, who still compare the model with a dummy. Fortunately, as we have already expressed, they are still a minority. Conversely, those who have moved forward up the career ladder receive a little more “freedom” rights. It is during this period of development where the model’s personality first gets noticed.

Stereotypes about the impossibility of building successful careers in the presence of permanent “skin-stamps” have been refuted by young girls, who have taken advantage of their alluring charisma. Moreover, the passion for tattoo culture contributed to the emergence of a new branch. “Alternative modeling” is just a phrase that exalts the modern emerging trend in the modeling business, with tattoo models leading the charge.

Fame came to them thanks to the very painting some others learned to frown upon and the human canvases that determine the specificity of the category. We shouldn’t isolate tattoo modeling from the general industry and only designate it as a “new direction.” The demand for girls and young people with “tattoos” is higher than ever. They are involved in the same types of modeling activities as any standard model.

Demand generates supply, and more models with unusual appearances are finding their niche. For several years, agencies have appeared in the big cities, waving the tattoo model flag. And apparently, things are not going badly for them.

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How to become a Suicide Girl? by InkDollMafia

Models trying to become a Suicide Girl will need to be photographed naked which means the model must be over 18 years old. The experience, the presence of tattoos or place of residence does not matter.


Suicide Girls is an American company, bringing together Inked girls from different countries in their effort to prove to the world that a woman’s beauty is not dependent on the imposed stereotypes of society, such as: height, size, complexion, hair color, the presence or absence of tattoos and body piercing. Each girl is unique! As a result, each in its own beautiful and sexy way can be helped to reach their full potential!

Since young, many girls dream of becoming a Suicide Girls, so when photographers or talent agencies send out invitations for collaborations many accept gladly. Amateur models consider the pictures of the other girls and wonder what is necessary to take the first set, because to find someone who can explain all the details, was never simple. Until now.

For some aspiring models the first photo shoot goes very well, soon becoming a set of the day, and getting the coveted status of Suicide Girl. Over the years they try several times appearing on the front page of the site, an in some cases being part of foreign photo-festivals by invitation of the management team. Many get acquainted with the best Inked Dolls from different countries. They work with foreign staff photographers and gain experience to help other girls in their quest to become models.

How to get to Suicide Girls?

Everything is very simple! First, you need to determine whether this suits your personality. Models trying to become a Suicide Girl will need to be photographed naked. In this regard, the second requirement: The model must be over 18 years old. The experience, the presence of tattoos, place of residence does not matter.

By sending the application form and uploading your first photo shoot, will make you a “Hopeful” (hoping to become a model). If your set is selected set of the day, it will appear on the home page of the site and will earn the coveted status of Suicide Girl.

Taking First Class Sets

Being a Suicide Girl model means to take first-class sets, work with various shops and brands to communicate and make new friends, traveling and getting some profit from it all.


Money is not the most important thing for Suicide Girls, however, a little earn, travel, shopping and tattoos can be. If the model is hot, and the set submitted possess quality and is in accordance with certain requirements, then it will soon become set of the day. Each set of the day receives a fee of $500. Suicide Girls have become mega-popular and receive a lot of orders for shooting, advertising and so on, as well as promote their own brands and services.

Find a Good Photographer in your Area

It is important to build understanding and comfort when working with a photographer. If accomplished, then every shooting is a small step forward. Interesting and exciting. Some models prefer to shoot in studio with props and decorations allowing greater focus on posturing. Conversely, working on location can be more interesting and exciting. Trying new places, locations and outfits allow you to unleash your potential as a stylist, inked model and actress.

In addition to working in cooperation with the Suicide Girls, some models are engaged in fitness, bikini fitness, coaching and social media influencing as a result of their experience as an accomplished tattooed model. Some become fascinated by photography and become photographers themselves.

Join A Talent Promotion Website

Many aspiring models are creative people finding it difficult to sometimes focus on one thing only. There are always new ideas and projects that you may want to tackle immediately. Whatever you do, always seek to familiarize with the industry and assume a proactive attitude to promoting your image. Many tattooed model promotion websites will help you with a very key element to success. Networking.

Your friends and network possess and intangible but real value. It allows amateur models to connect with other members you may want to work with for collaborations or even paid assignments. Online profiles on key websites can also be used to limit or prevent interactions (noise) with individuals you don’t want to work or communicate with which so it happens to be a limitation of current social media platforms.

If you’re a professional model or even aspiring one it’s important to become friends with other professionals in the industry such as photographers, artists, clothing brands and work with them when the opportunity arises. Seek other models in your zip code and find out locations you may want to travel for work. Being part of an online community is a valuable resource for potential modeling jobs and references.

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Bonnie Rotten: The Story Of A Tattooed Adult Star. by InkDollMafia

Someone once said: Anything that you can imagine, have once been in a porno. Adult film industry is a huge business that involves big set of Tattooed models and Inked Dolls. In many cases you can certainly remember who played a major role in some of those films.

One of those examples could be Bonnie Rotten (Bonnie Rotten) , you instantly recognize her among many models. And it is not only because of her signature tattooed tits but her Radiant smile, charm and distinctive features of an Inked Doll. Not only she has collected numerous awards in the porn industry but those tattoos have helped her to become famous and a wealthy person. We say it to those who believe that tattoos could be a hindrance to a promotion on the career ladder.

Bonnie Rotten was born May 9, 1993 in Hamilton, Ohio. She is of Italian, German, Polish and Jewish roots. The year 2012 can be considered the beginning of her professional activity in the adult film industry. Before that, she worked as a model in the automotive and motorcycle racing industry, as well as a stripper. Now, and after going through many, many hours of filming, Bonnie Rotten herself has decided to become a director. Her portfolio already includes several successful projects, one of which is called the Sisters of Anarchy a xxx-series remake of the famous bikers.

Many people call me “dear”, “elegant”, “attractive”. And I hear all these words, after all that I regularly do in front of the camera. I find it funny to hear! I am flattered that despite the rigidity of all the scenes in which I participate, and regardless of my appearance, people can see something innocent in me. I like it!

“I want my fans to see me not only as a tattooed hardcore porn girl, but also as a person. It is very difficult to get away from that image, but I try regardless. After all, what I do on set has no relationship with my personal life.

Only a few girls that I can remember began their career as porn stars while having lot of tattoos on themselves. Janine Lindemulder and Joanna Angel. And even then, Joanna Angel was better known among fans of the alternative porn, she was never a mainstream star. I was the first tattooed porn actress among typical blondes or brunettes with the same huge tits and ass”.

“I grew up in a very conservative society in Ohio, where the piercings and tattoos were symbols of something ugly. So, I decided to show from an early age, that something ugly can also be beautiful. When I decided to break into the porn industry, very few agreed to shoot tattooed girls, pushing me to arrange the most stringent performances, with the hopes of securing a casting at any cost.

My first tattoo, I inked it myself with a sewing needle and coloring pigment (henna) when I was 13 years old. Later, on my stomach, I got zombies from the first edition of the comic book Night of the Living Dead. My tattoos are mostly about horror. I also have a tattoo with the inscription: Dead Girls Do not Cry – is a line from a song by my favorite band Nekromantix. My favorite? is Frank Sinatra on my leg.

“By the age of 17,  I had already the most famous tattoos of my body – the spider webs on my breasts around the nipples-. I remember, feeling regret about them for several years, but then I realized that the web had become part of my personality. Who else is out there with something like that?” This is a proprietary feature exclusive to Bonnie Rotten. “People say – oh, that is Bonnie with cobwebs on the tits!”

My first professional shooting as and Inked Doll was made for the magazine Girls & Corpses .Actually my career started with BDSM: bondage, dominance, and so on … I do it and enjoy today! I always liked to be Spanked. Then I studied what I like and what not … But in general, this is a very fun game! I love playing the innocent girl forced to do things different, I like to imagine that I am a victim.

Many people think that I arrived to the porn industry and became what I am, due to some unfortunate circumstances. In fact, I am very grateful that I stumbled upon the adult entertainment industry, as well as grateful for my tattoos, because it was through them that I was able to achieve some results in my life to do what I want. Think about it. Now, I get money due to the fact that all over the world copies of my various body parts are being sold!

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Inked Girls: A Beautiful Curse? by InkDollMafia

Recently, I read an article about Tattooed girls, where a survey was conducted among men asking them the following question: “Who do they pay more attention to on the beach and who they like best: girls with tattoos or those who do not have them. “Naturally, for many reading this post, most men preferred Inked girls (This is logical, the tattoo is conspicuous and the girl is more noticeable) some said. But the explanation of one man led some into a stupor when he was asked: “And what exactly is it what attracts you the most about girls with tattoos?”

He replied: “They are more accessible”.

Are Tattooed Girls more accessible?

So here we are. What’s the logic behind this? To some girls with tattoos, this explanation was insanely unpleasant and insulting to read. When was this stereotype created? To whom did this occur? Who cares? some say. Many girls around the world are getting their bodies tattooed and in some many cases these tattoos are barely noticeable. Are they also easily accessible then? Still, the unsavory topic was out and somebody needs to address it. We at Inked Doll Mafia we want to put it out there.

In a similar fashion, I remember once seeing an individual posting pictures of young girls covered in tattoos from head to toe and gave stage to hundreds of commentators. Some users (apparently connoisseurs of this art form) were immediately enraptured, but they were immediately washed away by a wave of dissatisfied masses.

Both, men and women in a series of hysteric remarks, expressed how terrible it was what that they had just seen. How unforgivable it is for a girl to spoil her body. How will a girl grow up into as a grandmother and how will she go to a polyclinic to donate blood for cholesterol? The men were indignant that the honor of the girls was trashed when some referred to these girls as ordinary whores. “Who, like a sluggard, will paint multi colored patterns on his thin body?”

Are Inked Girls considered Beautiful?

Women, too, were indignant, but in regards to other intonations, condescending and patronizing. The girls, of course, did something considered stupid for some, but not everyone is as smart as they are. “Women know how to live, what color to paint their nails and at what age to give birth to children. But they, these silly dummies, will change their minds the next day and will marry, but it will be too late”. Some particularly brave young ladies even declared that God wanted them to have a tattoo! It was though not to abandon this stupid venture and not to spoil the tender young body with an absurd drawing.

And then the most interesting part begins. Some individuals do not believe that the body of a beautiful young lady with a multi-colored “sleeve” is more beautiful than a 600 lbs body of someone with an eating disorder. They do not think that they, themselves, should observe this beauty of the body. In the end, we have to admit this is their own business.

Let’s ask the men who considered those tattooed girls at the beach “more accessible”: Did they have any contact with the “available” inked girls? Turns out the answer is not. Perhaps, the thought painted multi-colored women often gather with criminals who hit each other with a ballpoint pen. Why is such aggression coming from people’s lips? Why do tattooed girls with roses on their heads and stars on their breasts cause such a large number of people hatred and anger?

Are women with tattoos more self-confident?

Malignant is not an emotion existing in the body. This, like laughter, is often a primitive reaction to fear. And what are these people afraid of? Maybe they are afraid that the person they see is bolder than them and is more confident in tomorrow’s self. They are not afraid that fashion will change, that someone will not take them for what they are. They are not afraid that someone else’s opinion will make them ashamed. They are not not afraid that someone will laugh, or be scared.

Through all those comments and remarks one recurring thought is: “You will be old, and you will wear flabby, multicolored skin, and your wings will wilt and roses will spread out thorns.” And you? Are you not getting old? Aren’t you afraid of your own body, which in 20 years will not be the same as now? Don’t you hide behind your fears for the fate of “young fools”?

It seems to us that tattoos are worn only by the very brave, and rather by stable and permanent girls. Years will pass, they will take their own and run away. It is an illusion that in old age everyone turns into the same old people and old women. We all are born different and die differently. No one comes to a common denominator from a certain age. We change our worldviews, priorities and hobbies. But we remain ourselves until the very end.

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