Bonnie Rotten: The Story Of A Tattooed Adult Star.

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Someone once said: Anything that you can imagine, have once been in a porno. Adult film industry is a huge business that involves big set of Tattooed models and Inked Dolls. In many cases you can certainly remember who played a major role in some of those films.

One of those examples could be Bonnie Rotten (Bonnie Rotten) , you instantly recognize her among many models. And it is not only because of her signature tattooed tits but her Radiant smile, charm and distinctive features of an Inked Doll. Not only she has collected numerous awards in the porn industry but those tattoos have helped her to become famous and a wealthy person. We say it to those who believe that tattoos could be a hindrance to a promotion on the career ladder.

Bonnie Rotten was born May 9, 1993 in Hamilton, Ohio. She is of Italian, German, Polish and Jewish roots. The year 2012 can be considered the beginning of her professional activity in the adult film industry. Before that, she worked as a model in the automotive and motorcycle racing industry, as well as a stripper. Now, and after going through many, many hours of filming, Bonnie Rotten herself has decided to become a director. Her portfolio already includes several successful projects, one of which is called the Sisters of Anarchy a xxx-series remake of the famous bikers.

Many people call me “dear”, “elegant”, “attractive”. And I hear all these words, after all that I regularly do in front of the camera. I find it funny to hear! I am flattered that despite the rigidity of all the scenes in which I participate, and regardless of my appearance, people can see something innocent in me. I like it!

“I want my fans to see me not only as a tattooed hardcore porn girl, but also as a person. It is very difficult to get away from that image, but I try regardless. After all, what I do on set has no relationship with my personal life.

Only a few girls that I can remember began their career as porn stars while having lot of tattoos on themselves. Janine Lindemulder and Joanna Angel. And even then, Joanna Angel was better known among fans of the alternative porn, she was never a mainstream star. I was the first tattooed porn actress among typical blondes or brunettes with the same huge tits and ass”.

“I grew up in a very conservative society in Ohio, where the piercings and tattoos were symbols of something ugly. So, I decided to show from an early age, that something ugly can also be beautiful. When I decided to break into the porn industry, very few agreed to shoot tattooed girls, pushing me to arrange the most stringent performances, with the hopes of securing a casting at any cost.

My first tattoo, I inked it myself with a sewing needle and coloring pigment (henna) when I was 13 years old. Later, on my stomach, I got zombies from the first edition of the comic book Night of the Living Dead. My tattoos are mostly about horror. I also have a tattoo with the inscription: Dead Girls Do not Cry – is a line from a song by my favorite band Nekromantix. My favorite? is Frank Sinatra on my leg.

“By the age of 17,  I had already the most famous tattoos of my body – the spider webs on my breasts around the nipples-. I remember, feeling regret about them for several years, but then I realized that the web had become part of my personality. Who else is out there with something like that?” This is a proprietary feature exclusive to Bonnie Rotten. “People say – oh, that is Bonnie with cobwebs on the tits!”

My first professional shooting as and Inked Doll was made for the magazine Girls & Corpses .Actually my career started with BDSM: bondage, dominance, and so on … I do it and enjoy today! I always liked to be Spanked. Then I studied what I like and what not … But in general, this is a very fun game! I love playing the innocent girl forced to do things different, I like to imagine that I am a victim.

Many people think that I arrived to the porn industry and became what I am, due to some unfortunate circumstances. In fact, I am very grateful that I stumbled upon the adult entertainment industry, as well as grateful for my tattoos, because it was through them that I was able to achieve some results in my life to do what I want. Think about it. Now, I get money due to the fact that all over the world copies of my various body parts are being sold!

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