How to become a Suicide Girl?

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Models trying to become a Suicide Girl will need to be photographed naked which means the model must be over 18 years old. The experience, the presence of tattoos or place of residence does not matter.


Suicide Girls is an American company, bringing together Inked girls from different countries in their effort to prove to the world that a woman’s beauty is not dependent on the imposed stereotypes of society, such as: height, size, complexion, hair color, the presence or absence of tattoos and body piercing. Each girl is unique! As a result, each in its own beautiful and sexy way can be helped to reach their full potential!

Since young, many girls dream of becoming a Suicide Girls, so when photographers or talent agencies send out invitations for collaborations many accept gladly. Amateur models consider the pictures of the other girls and wonder what is necessary to take the first set, because to find someone who can explain all the details, was never simple. Until now.

For some aspiring models the first photo shoot goes very well, soon becoming a set of the day, and getting the coveted status of Suicide Girl. Over the years they try several times appearing on the front page of the site, an in some cases being part of foreign photo-festivals by invitation of the management team. Many get acquainted with the best Inked Dolls from different countries. They work with foreign staff photographers and gain experience to help other girls in their quest to become models.

How to get to Suicide Girls?

Everything is very simple! First, you need to determine whether this suits your personality. Models trying to become a Suicide Girl will need to be photographed naked. In this regard, the second requirement: The model must be over 18 years old. The experience, the presence of tattoos, place of residence does not matter.

By sending the application form and uploading your first photo shoot, will make you a “Hopeful” (hoping to become a model). If your set is selected set of the day, it will appear on the home page of the site and will earn the coveted status of Suicide Girl.

Taking First Class Sets

Being a Suicide Girl model means to take first-class sets, work with various shops and brands to communicate and make new friends, traveling and getting some profit from it all.


Money is not the most important thing for Suicide Girls, however, a little earn, travel, shopping and tattoos can be. If the model is hot, and the set submitted possess quality and is in accordance with certain requirements, then it will soon become set of the day. Each set of the day receives a fee of $500. Suicide Girls have become mega-popular and receive a lot of orders for shooting, advertising and so on, as well as promote their own brands and services.

Find a Good Photographer in your Area

It is important to build understanding and comfort when working with a photographer. If accomplished, then every shooting is a small step forward. Interesting and exciting. Some models prefer to shoot in studio with props and decorations allowing greater focus on posturing. Conversely, working on location can be more interesting and exciting. Trying new places, locations and outfits allow you to unleash your potential as a stylist, inked model and actress.

In addition to working in cooperation with the Suicide Girls, some models are engaged in fitness, bikini fitness, coaching and social media influencing as a result of their experience as an accomplished tattooed model. Some become fascinated by photography and become photographers themselves.

Join A Talent Promotion Website

Many aspiring models are creative people finding it difficult to sometimes focus on one thing only. There are always new ideas and projects that you may want to tackle immediately. Whatever you do, always seek to familiarize with the industry and assume a proactive attitude to promoting your image. Many tattooed model promotion websites will help you with a very key element to success. Networking.

Your friends and network possess and intangible but real value. It allows amateur models to connect with other members you may want to work with for collaborations or even paid assignments. Online profiles on key websites can also be used to limit or prevent interactions (noise) with individuals you don’t want to work or communicate with which so it happens to be a limitation of current social media platforms.

If you’re a professional model or even aspiring one it’s important to become friends with other professionals in the industry such as photographers, artists, clothing brands and work with them when the opportunity arises. Seek other models in your zip code and find out locations you may want to travel for work. Being part of an online community is a valuable resource for potential modeling jobs and references.

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