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Ink Doll Mafia is some of the newest but more progressive online communities for inked models, photographers, and artists alike. Amateur or Pro photographers use our platform to perform searches and find inked girls fitting specific criteria. Our niche database or tattooed models makes Ink Doll Mafia the perfect place to find unique, beautiful models. Whether you seek someone with experience or a model with extensive modeling background, IDM offers practical filters to narrow down your options and find the perfect girl for your photo project.
As part of our incentives to talented artists, your profile can be featured and have your images added to our showcased galleries in the Home of our page. Many of our photographers can also enter contests to become the photographer spotlight of the month and earn a place in our digital version of our upcoming magazine.

Types of Portfolios

The IDM staff is committed to making our online community as safe as possible by enabling our members’ registration protocols. In efforts to minimize the impact of scammers, we offer premium portfolios to protect models and artists alike by adding secure channels of communication and premium features. In addition to this, IDM provides a direct email for questions and concerns regarding subscriptions, copyright questions, and technical issues.

Why Should Photographers Upgrade to a Higher Subscription Level?

Photographers who upgrade to premium subscriptions can receive enhanced features for portfolio creations and additional perks for featured positioning. Higher placement, enhanced reviews, and abundant perks can help featured photographers drive more traffic to their portfolios and social media profiles and find exciting opportunities for jobs and brand sponsorships.